Lorena Martinez

If you’ve been blessed to encounter Liz in your journey, TRULY: there is no greater gift you can give yourself than working with her. When I found her I felt called to work with her but I was not expecting the complete revolution it would bring to my life. Not to mention, I got to witness incredible women’s ideas come to life. Liz helped me develop a spiritual relationship with my creativity, one that feels all-powerful and limitless. And with it, I’ve created projects that were beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish before; my first screenplay, the launching of my business, and an entire new career that enhances and makes my big dreams achievable.

I feel so lucky and delighted to be privy to her astonishingly thoughtful/inspiring/helpful/all-encompassing advice. There will never be enough words to describe the impact Liz has made on my life. She helped me return to myself, to embrace my wild ‘too-muchness’ as my superpower and not my detriment. And most importantly, she taught me how to find the HOW-TO from the inside. There is nothing more valuable and life-changing a coach can do for you.