Kim Griffin

I joined Liz’s community at a point in my life when it seemed like nothing had “turned out” the way I’d envisioned. I was lonely and stuck and feeling disillusioned when I found Liz and fell completely in love with her authenticity and mission. What’s unique about Liz’s work is that it is facilitated by Liz, but it is not ABOUT Liz, which can be the vibe with many coaches and guides and leaders. Liz is inspiring to me because of her humor and humility, and because she is IN-PROCESS, and sharing her conscious evolution with the rest of us. Joining Liz’s community provided me an opportunity to show up for myself and for other women—equal parts high-level coaching, class, church, brunch with my badass friends, and a TED Talk that has been deeply healing and inspiring, and there has been an incalculable positive impact. I can’t stress enough what a gift it has been to be a part of this work.