Katherine McClintock-Wiese

I’ve started a business, I’ve followed through on self-producing my own choreography, I trust myself, I’m more in touch with creativity and I feel a sense of calm about the future. I feel more in touch with my body, my visions, my ideas, my higher self. I now know how to get my ideas through a cold night. Because of this community, I’ve moved from someone who ‘doesn’t have follow-through’ to someone who shows up wholeheartedly for herself and others out of a deep sense of self-trust. I would still be running in circles without Liz’s insight and guidance— her questions and feedback have a way of shining a light on a narrow path you never dared observe or walk upon. I always leave calls feeling like more is possible plus I am equipped with action. The possibilities keep expanding. My gratitude is endless. Working with Liz has shifted everything for me.