Erika Schmidt

I had a writing project I’d been mulling for years, and I wanted to make meaningful progress on it. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience. I found the videos to be rejuvenating and focusing — they always left me feeling more confident and lighter. The concept of creating a sacred structure for each project was huge for me. The breakdown of the creative process into phases was also really helpful. And Liz’s approach to helping me move forward with my project was hugely meaningful. I felt like I had someone who would compassionately nudge me when I needed a nudge, whether that meant in terms of moving into new phases of my project (recognizing when I might be holding back) or helping me adjust my mindset.

The results have been transformative. I finished an outline of my project and got feedback on it. I practiced visiting my project once a day for short spurts — this was a new approach that was revolutionary to me. And I proved to myself that if I show up, something will happen. Now I feel like I want to keep experiencing that, both creatively and in life in general